Alright lads... nuts project ahead..


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  1. Alright lads... nuts project ahead.. 
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    alright lads, iv been pointed to this forum by a friend saying this is the best place for me to come for some info and help..

    Basically im building a drift RWD vw Corrado and using a BWM engine and rear diff/subframe setup, i no most people will say why not just buy a BMW but whats the fun in that... iv always built daft cars but this is the first time iv ever used any BMW parts and dont have a clue what would be the best engine to use..

    i really need a rear subframe setup that dose not use separate shocks and springs, i a rear setup that uses a singe shock/spring setup ( if you get me ) just to make fitment a little easier..

    as for the engine i was looking at a M62 But if another engine would be better im all ears ( i could be looking at FI in the future depending on standard BHP and what you all think) i would defiantly be getting a LSD and a manual box

    So my questions are

    1; what would be the best / reasonably priced engine to use ( M62??? )
    2; what's the best rear subframe to use ( if any use single spring/shock units e38 7 series )
    3; what rear LSD are available if i use the 7 series unit
    4; what would be the best gearbox and clutch setup ( manual )

    thanks lads
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