Names Rich im 25 from Portsmouth, Hampshire.

I've joined up as ive been recently looking for an e39 touring (525d or 530d), so ive registered to learn more before i buy and find out things to look out for, and possibly find a car as well!

Have decided to get an e39 as I have a track-car I use for drifting. Have been drifting for the last few years and had many stressful times driving too and from events all around the country (sometimes struggling to get home with car trouble!). So i've decided to make my life easier and get a tow car.

I passed my B+E trailer licence test over the christmas break so i'm all set, just need the car and to rent a trailer when needed. I travel 45 miles a day for work and the car will be my daily driver too, so the e39 touring was and obvious choice really . 2-tonne tow capacity, massive boot space for tools and tyres, semi economic for daily use

This is what i'll be towing!

Have exhausted ebay, autotrader, pistonheads and gumtree etc looking for the right kind of car. I'm after preferably a 530d over a 525d, Manual over Auto (heard auto's are bad for towing and weak gearboxes?), under 200k miles and with a few trick bits of course Budget is around £3500. Struggling to find any at the moment as most are auto's. Seen a few cars but unfortunately with not enough service history so would be too much of a gamble for me.

Anyway, hello!