Hi hope someone can help!!

I have a 2004 325i E46 saloon which has suddenly developed a few odd problems.

But to go back to the beginning, I bought the car 18 months ago from a friend and at the time the oil warning light flashed on at odd times - braking, putting the fan on, idling in traffic. She told me that it had been an ongoing problem for a few months while she had the car. At the last service the garage told me that it was a sensor and as it was going to be a bit pricey I thought it could wait until I could afford to replace it.

About a month ago while driving the car suddenly felt as if I had switched the cruise control on - I hadn't - but the light was on on the dash board and I could not turn it off. the cruise control was not working either at that point. The airbag warning light came on within the next mile. When I got home on turning the car off and removing the key the radio did not switch off as normal. I left the car for an hour and went out again. Cruise control now working fine but airbag light still on and radio not working.

I called an auto electrician out but he couldn't get to me for a few days so I continued to drive the car. The next day coming home at night the interior light started to go on and off (this only happens when the headlights are on) and then the wipers started to work intermittently so now I can't drive when raining!

The auto electrician suspected that it may be the squib in the steering column so we replace that, cleared all the faults and everything was working when he left. The next time I took the car out the airbag warning light came on again and gradually over the next couple of days all the faults reappeared. He has been back again and cleared the faults and the airbag is showing low voltage as the fault. He also suspected that the oil light might be connected with the problem - he discovered that it came on when the fan is put on. He is coming back again to have another go - said he will not be beaten as he suspects it is a bad earth somewhere, but I thought I would put a post on here to see if anyone has had a similar problem or can suggest anything which might solve the mystery!

Thanks for reading and I'm keeping my fingers crossed!