Hi All,
Darren here. I've recently brought a 2001 auto 330ci convertible. Absolutely love the car especially in the recent weather we've been having.

This is the first automatic car I've owned and was looking for some advice on what could be a problem I have with it?

What's happening is :- When driving in 'D' I feel that the transmission is slipping. It doesn't seem to happen until I've been driving the car for a while, say 20mins, the revs seem to gain say from 2000rpm to 3000rpm but the speed takes a lot of time to catch up. Being used to manual cars its the same as a slipping clutch.. If I use a lot of acceleration it pulls good and if I'm using the cruise control buttons to accelerate it doesn't seem to happen. In sports mode it also seems to accelerate ok.

Is this just me not being used to the way automatics work and looking for a problem that isn't there, or is there something that may need some looking at?

Thanks in advance for any ideas.