Hi All
This is my first post. Hello to everyone. If anyone could offer advice on the following I would be very grateful. Two warning lights have been appearing on start-up, one is a bigger version of the other and that one goes off eventually. The smaller one, a yellow triangle with a partial circle around it stays on. My local garage did a diagnostic and identified an ABS hydraulic fault. They say they can send it away to be repaired rather than replace and that would cost around £400 including their labour to remove and replace it. Is this the most economical fix? Also the car seems to be driving fine but I am told by the garage that the unit might fail leaving me without brakes. Is this the case or is it possible to drive the car safely without this unit. This was the only warning light that didn't then clear on the diagnostic test. The car has just gone over the 100,000 miles mark. My apologies if this is the wrong spot for the post.

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