Hello, my names Lewis I am 19. This weekend I bought my first car a 2002 318CI (which I worked very hard for) I bought the car locally. It is very well looked after, it has full bmw service history and 64000 miles. It has all mots and history to prove the mileage is correct. It was owned by an elderly lady previously and this shows.

I have looked at many 318ci's and they all had their downfalls. Some being write off's or been clocked so it was a breath of fresh air to find one in this condition.

The car is 11 years old so you can expect it to have various problems. But unfortunately I am abit of a perfectionist so when this are wrong it does annoy me.

After having a look around the car i found the following;

Various surface scratches - it is booked in next week to have all removed.

Central locking problem - The key opens all doors apart from the passenger door. When unlocked with the key, or using the button in the car the pin does not rise. However, when inside the car when u pull the door handle, the pin pops up and it opens. When using the key the door even locks and you can hear the mechanism working. I called bmw and they stated that it could be the actuator. And this fitted costs £410.00 fitted. However I thought that it cant be the actuator if it locks using the key and u can open from inside the car. But to have it diagnosed it cost £99.00. Is there any way of being sure if it is the actuator?

Mirror - The electric mirrors work on passenger side but do not work on the drivers side. I was going to get this changed anyway due to the plastic being discolored on the mirror. The cost of this fitted by bmw is £207.32.

Also the door seals on the passenger side (the side with the lock problem) as the door hasn't been used much the door seals seam to have perished over time. And are drooping. I haven't researched the cost of this but i have heard its quite common on the coupes.

Overall the work is not urgent to be done, but I would like to get it done asap.

It is such a nice little car, and I want it to be at its full potential. And plus being a new driver I do rely on my mirrors alot. And i really don't want to become a show-fer having to open the door every time i pick up a passenger.

I hope to restore the car to its best condition, I don't mind spending money to get it right. Ive worked so hard for this car, and i love it. I'm not a boy racer or anything like that. I can't afford to be as I am Paying £4100 just in insurance alone.

Does Anyone know a bmw specialist in the west midlands area? Who can do the work i need?