hi im new to this site but after reading lots of good advice on here i would like a little help with my bmw.

iv been told that my car has a cracked manifold which im 99% sure it has ( ticking when i put my foot dwn and ticking when cold but gets a little better when warmed up) but my only doubt is the ticking is coming from under the car by the front wheels and i can never hear it from the engine when i open the bonnet , iv had a look under the car and the exhaust i can get to (car jacked up and me slidding under)is ok no leaks the sound is coming from up towards the manifold , im just wondering if this is normal for a cracked manifold or is it more likely to be the small exhaust gasket leaking ??? if the manifold is cracked surely i would hear it from the engine bay ???

theres not a very long dwn pipe on the manifold so its hard to track dwn the leak,
any help please ?