Hi all I was wondering if I could get some advice on what you think the problem is with my car? I have a 2001 316ti se compact which is due to go in for a oil leak which I found last week, it is due in this monday. I have been checking the oil and topping up with the correct oil for my car and have not noticed it losing alot of oil. I was driving it yesterday and to be honest it has felt a bit weird on the vibration of the accelerator when in 1st gear i.e feels a bit strainey but not all the time?. Anyway I was driving around yesterday and the Battery warning light came on, i stopped for a while round a friends house and after half our of not using the car I started her up and drove off fine without any Battery light coming on,Previous to having the car I have not had one warning light come on and have maintained full services... at this point no warning lights were on. I started driving home and I noticed the brake warning light come on then straight after that the airbags light followed by ABS light ADM AND DSC.. then I noticed the battery light come on and then the oil one so I pulled over and turned the engine off. After about 10 mins I checked the oil level and looked around the engine and it was ok. The coolant level was ok and the gauge was on halfway on dash, I switched the key round to start up warning lights and the ones that stayed on were triangle with arrow round it and battery and oil ones. Went to start up engine....Dead as doornail??? kept trying DEAD...CAR IS DEAD..... I did put some windscreen washer in before the day begun and kept spilling as I was topping up the more I tried not to the more I kept spilling it Ahhrrr... Please, Please help with all your expertise ppl. Ive tried so hard to keep this car in fantastic running codition, but these BILLS are crippling me. I have maintained full service History and it only has 77,000 on clock. Do not want her to die just yet............WTF