Hi all.

I'm not really new to the forum, but I've just upgraded from a 2007 e90 320d pre-lci m-sport to a 2010 e90 320d lci business edition m-sport. As I never really used the forum before, I thought I'd say hi and share my opinions.

Firtly I'd like to say that, imo, the differences between pre-lci and lci are massive. Tbh, I just expected pretty much the same thing but with a bigger (business edition) spec from the new motor, but this couldn't be much further from the truth.

Personally I love most of the asthetical differences on the lci, LED front & rear indicators, i think the diffuser/plastic insert bit on the rear bumper looks better, even though the differences are very slight. My only dislike of the LCI is the wing mirrors. I think the pre-lci are a lot more slick shaped - but then tbh as I now have folding mirrors on the new motor I'm hardly complaining. Also the obvious benefit with the lci shape is that you see more behind you, so it's an understandable modification.

Now, engine wise. My last one was the 177bhp engine, this one is the 184bhp. I COULD NOT believe the difference between the two. The 184 is so much more responsive at lower revs, much more so than what you'd expect with only 7bhp difference. I know it doesn't work like this necessarily, but on paper you see 177 vs 184 - but the difference is much more than this. It picks up SO much better low down in the revs. So I thought "ah I'll be missing some top end then - and the power band will have just moved slightly" but nope - LCI feels just as strong top end as pre-LCI.

Another noticeable difference is the "rest" function replaced with the "all" function. Personally, in my old one, I never used REST - in over a year of ownership. In my new motor, which I've had only a few days, I've used ALL already. I think this pretty much speaks for itself.

Finally... angel eyes. I believe my LCI has halogen angel eyes, whereas my pre-lci just had no angels whatsoever. I'm not sure if halogen angels are standard on LCI? In either case, my opinion is you should def get one with them as they look sweet! lol. There are other obvious differences but I'm only gonna comment on the ones that I've noticed are beneficial - so far!

Anyway I just thought I'd say hi and put some background info out there. I'm sure I'll be on the forum here and there asking the odd question, so I'll thank you all in advance for anyone who helps me out in the future with any problems.