Hello.....be gentle, this is my first post. I have spent the last 17 years working for Mercedes but having departed the ivory towers of Milton Keynes and been freed to buy my own car I ended up with a 520d Touring on a 10 plate. Very happy with the car, love the fuel consumption (amazing how a 3l V6 doesn't seem so important when it's your own money at the filling station), but having a few small issues I'm hoping someone can help with.......

1. When I bought the car the dealer was great but it went in for a wiring loom issue under warranty. They lost the owners manual and after four months still cannot replace it. So I have no idea about the sat nav. It's the business edition which having read a little does not seem to be the best, but is there anyway to make the map bigger? When you scroll through to look elsewhere the map doubles in size but most of the time I have some annoying nonsense telling me my latitude and longitude and my position on the globe.......am I being thick?
2. Now on my third bulb in the headlights in 6 months....is this bad luck or is it a known issue?

Thanks to all, loving the car.