Ladies and Gent, this is the first time i'm using this forum and need some help regarding the LED upgrade for the angel eyes. Now i am not sure but i assume that my car model will be fine to upgrade to H8 LED Angel eyes? some say to check if this model has H8 bulbs? are they not actually H8 bulbs for these models or would they be different?

The halogen ones do look old fashion and seeing images of other fellow Bimmers on the forums with amazing upgrades to the white LEDs are amazing! i would like to join the club with having this upgrade but i am slightly concern that if i buy them, it will mess up the radio which i have been reading about and the computer in general. These errors i have read from other web forums..

If anyone has some answers towards the E92 320i 2007 M-sport coupe regarding the upgrades, i would be really grateful.

Plus there seems to be different companies i have come across that make these H8 LED angel eyes that i am very lost which models to go for. I went to a website called MStyle BMW which has the angel eye upgrade going for £69 and another model, "Lux H8" going for £200....

any advice on the above would be helpful as i do not want to make any mistakes on purchasing something that will not work as it should.

Look forward to your reply folks..