Hi All,

This is my first post so be kind!!

I've had my E60 for 18 months and from the day I picked it up I noticed a stutter/hesitation. I've narrowed it down to it occurring in the following circumstances

- Low revs, 1500 ish, cruising along (trying to keep high mpg!) can be any speed e.g. 30mph/50mph/70mph
- Also happens on idle
- Don't notice it once I'm accelerating
- Happens when the weather is warm/hot...above 12degrees
- STOPS when I push the air conditioning button! ( I don’t have climate control, also its a manual gearbox)

I've had it back to the dealer and all they could do was a software update, BMW Astle Scunthorpe are very poor at customer service!

Does anyone have any ideas as to why warm weather or pushing the air con button on would have an effect of the engine stutter/hesitation?