Hi Guys,

New to this posting thing and looking for some help please. I recently noted what sounded like a rubbing noise from my 730ld, the noise was noticeable when travelling slow and at first I thought was something caught behind front right wheel dragging on inside of tyre; there was nothing there. I also checked out the brake caliper and wheel bearing etc.

Have this morning taken the plastic tray off from under the car and found some oil residue on inter-cooler pipe, inside of the plastic tray and bottom of alternator - I think it is the turbo I can seen a small drop of oil on just above the alternator slightly further back towards the cabin. On removal of the inter-cooler hose there is some oil present.

I admit to being a little uninformed with turbos but.... could this all be down to failure of a bearing or seal in the turbo? The rubbing noise coming form the turbo and the oil residue a the result?

Guys any help would be really good please.