Hi All,

I'm new to this site and have absolutely '0' experience in using forums, so please forgive before I start.

Can any of you kind folk help on this one?

As per the title, I have an intermittent start up fault on my E53.

I've had the car for a year now.

I've been experiencing a fault error on the dash, which over the past few weeks, which is progressively getting worse.

The symptoms are:-

1. Engine won't start up when turning ignition on.
This is an intermittent fault, but I would say, it's worse when it's been ran for some time (start, stop going to and from work etc).
Usually turns over after one or two attempts first thing in the morning.

2. Fuel Injection Fault, together with a Trans Failsafe Prog fault come on dash, and the temp gauge shoots into the red (even when trying to start on a cold engine, ie first thing in the morning etc).

3. Worse scenario is that it may take 20/30 attempts before it will fire up.

4. When it does fire up, I can hear the fuel relay click in, and it will start fine (with no dash fault and temp gauge in cold position (if starting from cold).

I've checked the fuel pump fuse and the relay, both are fine.

I would be really grateful if anyone could offer any advice.

Many thanks