Hi everyone, first time owner of a BMW. Great cars. Proud I was. I have to say the forum is hugely helpful. Thanks to everyone helping and I will do my bit too. Shame people mostly come here with issues. So am I. Five weeks in owing the car from second hand, when everything was working perfect. One day I had a 2 hrs drive to a meeting and when I went back to it after a couple of hours the iDrive didnt initiate properly. It was stack at the BMW logo. I was at the car park so stopped switched the engine off. Took the key out and waited a bit. Put it back in and no difference. I thought it may eventually switch on. Drove 2 hrs back and nothing. The next morning same story.
So I started my search for the fix.
I firstly reset the iDrive with the three buttons hold. Several times and nothing still. Then read that could be the battery. So changed the battery and no difference. I took off the battery sensor (IBS) and no difference after leaving it for some time. Then disconnected the battery overnight and no difference. So I had to do so and took the car to the BMW dealer. Left it for half a day or so and they told me that it is the knob control. This is what the diagnostic came up with. They said that they will change it and reprogram the iDrive for £555. This is not that cheap. They could not confirm that I will get the car fixed after I have paid the sum. They said that they will change it and hope this fixes it. So for all I know it could be that they will say that something else needs changing then and this could run to unknown amounts of cash. So I paid my £25 and got some software (Progman) and the cable. Plugged it in and went through most parts to check. Everything seems fine. I have checked the controller and it will turn right, left, all buttons function and I get no problem whatsoever on the diagnostic. So I was in a way right to do my due dil. Also BMW have not provided a diagnostic report. I have asked for one.
Trying to take things a bit further became a bit of a prob. Trying to switch on the radio or satnav it will come up as error ecu subfunction not supported invalid format. So I have not idea what this means and attempting to reprogram (with no knowledge) I get that the IPS/ICOM is required to communicate.
Any help/advice/comments on this will be much appreciated. Thanks again and let me know if you would like more info.
With all best wishes to everyone.