Hi all,
I wonder if anyone can help. I currently own a 2005 316i motorsport and recently am experiencing some major problems with lack of power.
I will try to cut this long story short, however it started about 3 months ago when after driving for about a hour continuously. I switched the engine off and when started up again the engine icon and EML light came on. I tried to drive off but only managed to drive no more than 20 mph. I left it a hour and then all was ok, however the engine icon was still on but got the power back. I called homestart the next day and surprise all lights came off and he found no fault codes.
Now recently this has become very frequent when i stop start the engine the EML light comes on and power is restricted. It appeared to me it maybe due to a service need ( not due till 5k). I got it serviced and the mech suspected the ign coils. He checked the coils and they were all fine and no fault codes found. Anyway till last week it happened a few more time and booked it in a garage. They initially told me it could be the oil filler cap, coils, but after inspecting they told me there is a oil separator valve and that was faulty and hopefully rectify the issue.
The next day i went to collect the car and they told me they changed the valve and another sensor but the problem could still be there and queried the vanos and oil pump.....mmmmm..... Big job they told me therefore i seriously needed any advice on what to do.

Any advice would gratefully appreiciated.