2004 E60 530I - active steering very heavy - problem solved


Thread: 2004 E60 530I - active steering very heavy - problem solved

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  1. 2004 E60 530I - active steering very heavy - problem solved 
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    Hello everybody,
    Am new member and i would like to share my problem and how i fix it , I hope it can help someone,
    am totally new on coding and programming BMW cars, but my endless love for those cars pushed me to learn about it all,
    I have got my OBD cable with all the software needed to dive in this world from eBay, for about 40 USD ,
    I manged to setup winkfp and start updating all modules , with every modules get updated new problem come out SFZ,SZL,SIM/SGM,DSC,POW etc...
    so many error codes took me a lot of time to understand it, but with every step the car become better in all ways , till the moment i updated CAS and the car wont start anymore......... , after 30 minutes i manged to bring it back by winkfp after i removed the car key and update the CAS again , the car came to life again........ , put i notes my steering wheel become very heavy and its very hard to control it ,
    i drove the car for few days in this situation , i have tried everything to fix it from INPA to DIS and SSS Progman ,nothing really worked,
    i have got SZL error and AFS error and couldn't initialize and re-calibrates the active steering and the angle sensor ,
    after some days of searching and reading i manged to remove the faulty codes through DIS but the steering wheel still very heavy ,
    i lost all hopes and start thinking about hydraulic pump and all this mechanical thing because no more faulty codes and still heavy ,
    today at 1:30 am, was my last hope before taking the car to mechanic and steal all my money , i think that updating needs coding after so I opened
    NcsExpert code the car nothing worked and the faulty codes came back again , went through DIS and reset it back but still heavy steering
    somehow i thought bringing back the original FSW_PSW.TRC file and code the car back to default might solve the problem ,
    i was able to brig back the original codes from VO through the following steps,
    1. Load NCSExpert.
    2. Load Profile and select Expertmode
    3. F1 (VIN/ZCS/FA)
    4. F3 (ZCS/FA f .ECU)
    5. Choose the car (for the E60)
    6. Select CAS
    7. F6 (BACK)
    8. F4 (Process ECU)
    9. Select the Module I want to Revert back to Stock.
    10. F2->Choose "SG_Codieren->ok
    11. F3->to start coding the ecu with factory settings according to the vehicle VO.
    and suddenly my seat-pelt came on and start beeping right away i code the AFS module the faulty code comeback but when i moved the steering wheel it came back very light and easy to move , my screaming voice I DID IT ,I DID IT weak up the whole neighborhood ,
    I turned off the car and start it again no problem at all , the faulty code did not show and the car 100% perfect
    I have saved around 4000$ and after one week of sleepiness i was able to go back to normal life again ,
    i have gain some white hair .......

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    Sorry for bringing up old post, but THANK YOU !

    Yesterday was the first time i dared to use WinKFP to update my airbag SGM module, i found 2xSGM (SGMZ.. and SGMS..) ECU-s in WinKFP and didnt know which one to choose, so i updated both.
    After successful updates - the airbag and passenger seatbelt light still didnt go off so i was like okay...
    After that i tinkered little bit in INPA but still no success...
    So i went for a drive and noticed that my active steering is not working, i kinda paniced !
    So i started to google everything and this thread saved my Active Steering !

    So, in conclusion - i still have to figure out how can i fix the 93F9 error, but thanks to you my man, at least my Active Steering is working again !!

    (e60 530xi 2005)

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