Hi.. Im Jon,, 40 years old and Just bought a E46 330d SE 2004 its got a six speed box so I assume its the 204 bhp version..

Full service history, 129k miles all original apart from the M3 wheels that I am considering replacing.. Paid £3850 It feels like allot.. but I couldn't find anything in this price range I liked more.

I do 50 miles a day 50% motorway and 50% A roads early mornings and late nights so hallways quite.. Had been doing this journey in a Micra.. wanted something that was frugal safe and comfortable.

I also plan to go on camping trips with 2-3 passengers and a dog.

I had planed on buying a V70 Volvo D5 but bottled it.. Owned a E30 320 before and remember how nice it was to drive.

My work route involves so many "average speed cameras" after picking up a ticket a few weeks ago and spending half my time with one eye on speedo I wanted cruise control..

I am so far loving it but have 3 quick questions for a new owner..

1) Best way to handle clutch I find I'm staling or getting a very harsh pull away (I don't think there is anything wrong with it.. guy took me for a spin and was smooth) am I being to slow releasing it or to fierce..

2) I'm very disappointing with the sound system.. are there any obvious 6.5inch speakers that will upgrade it allot.. I'm old and don't need mobile disco just so better quality.

3) The car came with a detachable tow bar. I cant find any details of how much weight I can tow with it.. I was hoping to get a trailer tent but obviously not if its not suitable..

I did everything I could to find a suitable car for my circumstances and hope I choose wisely..

Could open a farm with some of the donkeys Ive bought before.. this one better be good..

Regards.. Jon..