Hi Guys,

I've been commuting ~60miles per day in my E39 M5. Its painful, not so much the fuel cost, but the fact that its pretty much mint and on 112k increasing quickly. Just spent a lot getting the wheels refurbed, Bodywork touched up, new bumper & BMW Performance BBK.

So I bought myself a tidy looking 320d estate last week - picking it up this weekend.


2003 (53-plate)
320d SE
5-Speed Manual
Harman Kardon speaker system
DVD/Nav/Climate (with TVs in the headrests)

Good points:

- Goes well! Surprisingly so, makes me think it's been chipped, considering my daily drive, it pulls nicely.
- Brakes pulled up nice and true.
- Think its got the sports suspension - good since I drive A-roads to and from work.
- Paint and general condition is good for 150k miles, and used as a young family's daily.
- Swirl Flaps removed/blanked off (paperwork to prove too).
- New rear tyres (fronts have 3k left in them), on 17inch, not to badly curbed wheels.
- Ex company car, so had whatever it needed in the first part of its life, then serviced by previous owners (+ receipts).

Bad points:

- AC doesn't work. Makes a hissing noise when you press the snow flake - owner said it needs re-gassing, I suggested it was a cracked condenser... thoughts?
- Steering feels very heavy - much heavier than my M5. Seem to remember my Dad's 2001 330i estate (sport sus) was similar with a really hard feeling steering wheel, but I was just surprised. Is this normal? It also feels like its pulling slightly to the left, could have been road camber though.
- Hard to slot in 3rd gear nicely every time - owner said he'd had the plastic ball joint in the shifter changed twice, but said it was difficult. If it's anything like the 6speed on the E39, I'll set aside a couple of hours, and perhaps get my girlfriends small hands in there!
- Bodywork blemishes:
* Ding in front off side arch - owner said he'd slipped with a shovel when they had snow! No paint damage, just needs bending back;
* Wheels could do with a re-furb (if I'm being fussy);
* Small spot of rust on the rear tailgate.

So, after I've spent a whole morning cleaning and detailing it, what should my first jobs be?

I'm thinking - Oil change, Oil filter, Sump plug copper washer, 4-wheel laser alignment & maybe blanking off the EGR valve?

Thanks in advance,