2003 E46 318ci convertible. Non starter? Driving me nuts.


Thread: 2003 E46 318ci convertible. Non starter? Driving me nuts.

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  1. 2003 E46 318ci convertible. Non starter? Driving me nuts. 
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    Hi guys and girls.
    I'm new to theses forums but hopefully some one out there will be able to help, especially if you have gone or going through the same thing.

    Firstly the vehicle will start then stop within a few seconds, then when you go to start it again it sounds like there is no compression, if I wait 5 mins or so the same thing happens. Eventually it may start but not always.

    I have had spark plugs and coils replaced but still the same thing, the strange thing is it does not throw any codes other than multi cylinder misfire with engine cut off.... The car has been in BMW in marbella where I live and they said it was the valvetronic, they replaced it but still the same problem, they then said it was the DME unit, this was sent to the UK for repair but still the problem exists had to take it from the stealer ship as its breaking the bank ......could it be the crankshaft sensor that is causing this problem?. Someone please help this car is driving mu nuts as well as breaking the bank
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