Hi all, rintin here. new to this so please bear with me.
I have 2 problems I hope someone might be able to help with.

1st problem.
How do I access the horns on my car as the sound made is awful and I believe one of them is not working. I know one horn is a low pitch 420Hz and the other is a high pitch 510Hz. Can you help?

2nd problem.
The central monitor on the dash which controls the radio, the clock, sat nav, TV etc, does not illuminate. All functions work, including the TV, but I can only just make out the various displays in broad daylight and obviously nothing at night. I have had the car for nearly two years but strangely enough the monitor did illuminate just the once some months ago now, after I had started the car, but did not illuminate after I finished my journey and started the car again. It's not illuminated since. I have been advised that a new monitor would cost around £1,700.00.

Appreciate any help I can get.