Hi im new to this forum but am about out of options in regards to curing my 330d fault its had an intermittent fluctuation in the revs when driving it will hold gears for longer than it should then drop in to top for example it holds the revs to 3500 rpm in 3rd then drops to 5th then to 4th also I have noticed when I accelerate hard its black smoking and definitely down on power feels like the boost is being dumped somewhere heres a list of what the car has had fitted in the last 12 months
New injectors
New pre supply pump
Boost control converter
Manifold swirl flap mod
Crank case breather
Vacuum pipes replace
New gearbox and torque converter
Egr cleaned
And a few more bits that I cant quite think of off the top of my head ive also checked for the codes and all I have is a glow system fault which I think wont have anything to do with my fault