Hi guys

Im fairly new to this fourm, so not sure if this is the right place to post,

Anyway on my way back from taking my gf to the cinima my car decide to break down, verry embarising!!!

Its a e46 318 2.0 coupe 51 plate

I pulled out the juncting and i had complete loss of powe a red oil light came on the red battery light came on and if i remember correctly a yellow warning triangle, any way i had complet loss of power and loss of stearing, i put oil in it the other day, now i know it was leaking round the rocker cover so i jumped out and checked the oin it was just above the min mark, i swiched the engine back on and the lights wernt their apart from the yellow oil can for about 5s but that has always come up since i bought it! It revs fine but then cut out! I thought it could of maybe been the MAF sensor but then the red batter light (altenatir?) light wouldnt apper then i thought maybe the altenator had gone? I started it back up and tried to drive home only 3 mins round the corner, as i drove off the gear changes were far from smooth the car jerked like hell and it didn't feel right to drive! i got home and has a quick look online it was a diffrent car the thread was about but they were talking about some belt could of slipped off or snapped? Im wondering if the oil had leaked out of the rocker cover gasket and caused a belt to come off? I cant have a look in the engine bay to see if anything looks unusuall cause its dark!!! Does anyone have any ideas, please help as i need it for work!