2001 e46 320d 136ps-Correct crankshaft/turbo breather filter.


Thread: 2001 e46 320d 136ps-Correct crankshaft/turbo breather filter.

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  1. 2001 e46 320d 136ps-Correct crankshaft/turbo breather filter. 
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    Hi, Im brand new and i apologise in advance if I'm in the wrong thread etc. i just got a 2001 320d 136ps. I will be doing the normal, oil change filter changes etc. While I'm at it i will try tackle the prob of it being slightly sluggish in gears 1 2 and 3 round town and after reading some post here am about to attempt to rectify this as far as i can. i.e Cleaning Maf sensor, cleaning egr, changing breather. before i start i want to get all the bits i need so was hoping someone could clarify that 1) i must use the 'loo roll' type filter and 2) the filter for the landrover td4 is the same filter. i have managed to get the Part number LLJ500010 which i believe is the same filter. Are any seals or gaskets with the filter the same too. Thanks for you time. Any advice would be appreciated.

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    The 136bhp engine breather is a mirror image along its length to the 150bhp version which means they are not a straight swap, so you can either replace the loo roll sponge or put a vortex style insert from a 150 bhp engine in to your existing filter housing. The LR parts are the same by the way. You don't really need to change the seal either, of course it is better to do so but it won't leak if you don't.

    You should also clean the MAP sensor (back of the inlet manifold) it has the most profound effect on performance, but never poke anything down the nozzle, just sqirt electrical contact cleaner in the top of the hole. Also poke a pencil through the hole in to the manifold where the MAP sensor goes. Finally it is advisable to drop the intercooler out and wash out the grill, you will amazed by the birdsnest of leaves that gets stuck behind it!

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