I bought an e46 318i about 3 weeks ago.
It stalled on way home after doing about 20 miles. Started up again but struggled to tickover (300 - 500 revs).
With accelerator to the floor for about 5 mins car came back to life (700 - 800revs) and drove home fine.
With fuel tank being very low when buying the car I put it down to muck being picked up and getting into the fuel
system so I replaced fuel filter.
The car has been perfect for about 150 miles until last night. Went shopping, came back to the car about an hour
later and struggled to tickover when started (300 - 500 revs again) and wouldn't rev past 2000.
While trying to rev the engine the car was begining to smell very strong of fuel which I suppose indicates that fuel
is getting so far through the system.
After a few mins with accelerator to the floor the revs shot up, idle was back to normal and drove home fine.
Also, after getting the car home the first time I took it to a garage to get it checked on the diagnostics and
nothing showed up.
Please could anyone shed any light?
Sorry for writing an essay, but wanted to describe as best I could.