hi there this is a little bit of an odd post, but here goes.
basically on 22nd June this year i am getting married in Leeds and been a massive BMW fan i would like to have a nice BMW to pick up my bride to be and then take us from the venue to the reception. ideally i am looking for a very nice 5 series if possible an M5 or a 7 series. i am in leeds and the total distance for driving from brides house to rgistry office then registry office to reception venue is roughly 12 miles. of course i am willing to pay anyone who is happy to provide their car and time it would be roughly 2 hours. like i say a little bit of an odd question to ask but thought it was worth a try lol, also if anyone knows of a BMW hire company in the Leeds area that would also help. apologies if this breaks any forum rules thats not my intention.
hope to hear some replies soon.
cheers in advance