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    Hi all!

    I signed up for this forum a while a go when I had problems with my 320D e46 it eventually got going after a pump replacement and some £2500. just for the wife to collide with a wild boar a week later

    I will collect another BMW tomorrow, a 1997 BMW Alpina B3 3.2 140000km which I might need some advice on from you guys. It's in good nick body and interior wise.
    There are 2 issues with it:
    • The clutch feels dead and bites just at the very bottom close to the carpet. Might just be that it needs bleeding.
    • The engine makes a knocking noise when it gets warm like a classic diesel rattle. I did listen to it with a stetoscope on the cyl head but it did not sound like there was any hard metallic noises in there. It sound more that it comes from under the intalet manifold than from the top end

    The owner said the noise wasn't there when he put it in the garage last autumn (Yea right!) he did change the oil to a 0w30 fully syntetic oil last autumn. and the car have coverd maybe 500km since with what I guess a lot of cold starts.

    Just some minor rust spots and it really needs some original chrome kidneys and an original stereo and TLC.

    some pictures from the sellers ad I will post more pics later

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