I am new to this forum, This is my second BMW. My first was a E36 318ti sport in a rather fetching yellow. "no-one will hit a car that yellow" I was often heard to smugly proclaim in response to the various incredulous exclamations about how yellow it was.


Following a prang that folded the boot and the insurance actually giving me a decent price (if you are going to get rear-ended by someone, make sure they are with Allianz!), following over a months of trundling about in a brand spanking 320d, I bought a 328i (a real BMW, my BMW-fancying chum explained to me in a straight-six sort of way). A very nice one apparently. full MOT and all that. I took it straight to a reputable local BMW mechanic (turns out my Father in law uses the same chap). One full service and one bush later I was left with a car that would need some new tyres very soon, but other than that a couple of very minor pieces needed.

so one internet-shop later, I popped down to my local garage to have my lovely new Toyo-T boots fitted.....

Only turns out I have a problem. Which I believe, is how 95% of Forum memberships occur (although 65.76555% of statistics are made up on the spot, so that may not be true).

Mine is filling me with wonder at how the F%^&*ng hell it happened in the first place but here goes.

I have 3 front wheels and one back wheel. To clarify, not 3 at the front and one at the back: Two fronts at the front, where front wheels should be. And one front wheel at the back.

leaving my back wheel looking like the kid doing his own thing from Sesame street.

So if there is a charity for reuniting lonely RC042s with their missing soulmates... do let me know.

otherwise I shall continue to attempt to buy one before my tyre wears into a wedge/I end up in a ditch.

(there is a "wanted" post in the appropriate thread)