hi guys just bought a 1995 e36 318is it has lumpy idle and then cuts of when you move of it is very jerky under 2000rpm i changed the cramk case sensor cause when you removed the oil cap it sucked back towards rocker cover will that fixed that fault but the lumpy idle still the same and jerky under 2000rpm and cuts of on sudden stop so i replaced the idle air control valve still same replaced any faulty hoses although glued and taped my air intake pipe pretty tight and replaced the fuel filter old one like new so no change in this mint coupe thats runs lke a bag of spanners got plugged in fault read maf sensor mechanic said it seems fine just cause i had pulled it out to see if it ran any better but no then i got smoke test done and tiny leak in air intake pipe minor tho my mechanic said it should be enough to make car run that bad,his opinion was that the haed gasket may have been repaired and timing may be off but the engine runs well for a while some times so i would thought that if that was the case it would be bad all the time and petal down over 2000rpm car goes like a train can anyone give me any advice as this cheap car has turned into a complete fortune many thanks mark