Hi all ,

Ive got a '94 520i se .... Its hard to start, takes atleast 20 seconds of cranking before it will fire properly, then when it does fire it sounds like its working on a slight misfire.... if I rev it hard(ish) I will get a pop/bang from the airbox. its idling at about 800rpm.... between where its idling and about 1500rpm its very juddery to rev on stand still but after that revs fine other than the pop/bang from airbox mostly happening between 4000-5000 rpm . Also if I put it into drive and try to take off with almost full throttle it just doesn't do anything at all for a couple seconds then goes splut splut splut when starting to take off. The spark plugs seem to look as if its running slightly too rich if anything .... There is no black or blue smoke what so ever coming from the exhaust. This happens no matter what the engine temperature is.

Diagnostic computer comes up with crank sensor but I have replaced this and no change.

Im not massively mechanically minded so ive checked what I can and still no fix....
so far I have checked that
- all 6 coil packs have a strong spark
- I have replaced the air flow meter
- crank sensor (as mentioned above)

The car has only done 58,000 miles..... and was stood for about a year

what else should I check, any help massively appreciated as its now becoming annoying