08 BMW 328xi won't start camshaft sensor/ vanos


Thread: 08 BMW 328xi won't start camshaft sensor/ vanos

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  1. 08 BMW 328xi won't start camshaft sensor/ vanos 
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    Hey guys,I'm new here I have a 08 BMW 328xi 60,000 mi sedan car has always ran great a few months ago it starting throwing a p0115 code camshaft position sensor so I replaced it pretty east swap,car ran great again then a month later it threw the same code then I was told to first to clean the 2 vanos selonid on the car with brake cleaner so I did and reinstalled them now the car woldnt stay running and it had. Sound like air blowing from the engine so I ordered 2 new vanos selonid and now it won't even start cranks ok but that's all, yea I ordered another camshaft position sensor cause I realized my car has 2 and it's on back order,I read hours of treads and fingers are point to the vanos,camshaft position sensor or ful fuse,I'm not trying to figure it out the easy way just wanted to see if anyone here has ever encountered the same symptoms,thank from the states karsiano
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