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    Having purchased my first BM in august this year, 735i S regd 98 i decided to get her serviced after a week.A used a garage named BRUCE COUSINS in Scunthorpe. I was shocked to receive a call later that same day telling me to call in as they had found a very serious problem? (would'nt tell me on the phone?) I was told that an additive had been found in the coolant?
    Upon arrival i was usherd into the office to be told that the car was basically knackered and to sell it asap. The coolant was hiding a probable cracked head or blown head gasket,(re-con engine would be £1400),the air-con did'nt work,the parking sensors were u/s & the mot (aug 09) was'nt worth the paper it was witten on as 2 brake pipes were corroded past use,a leaking rear shocker & a engine mounting was corroded.

    How wrong BRUCE COUSINS of Scunthorpe could be.......

    Turns out the expansion tank was split & had been bodged up, the air-con needed re-gassing,one of the parking sensors was not working right & as for the other problems they were found to be sound when i took the car to a REPUTABLE GARAGE/DEALER such as KEVIN MARTIN of Scunthorpe.
    What a unquestionable professional service...i would recommend KEVIN MARTINS of Scunthorpe without hesitation. Absolutely 1st class. 100%

    As for BRUCE COUSINS of scunthorpe.....FORGET IT......i understand 2 of his mechanics left as they were fed up of lying to customers over non-exsistant faults!

    Oh & car is running like a dream now.....Thanks to KEVIN MARTIN
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    Used Bruce Cousins a few years ago, their repairs arent worth the receipt. A notice to all would be to stay well clear! Cant remember which car it was though.

    Cant comment on Kev Martins, I now do all repairs myself.
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