Hi all

I'm new to forum so sorry if this isn't in the relevant section.

Basically I'm looking to purchase a 330D auto convertible m sport roughly 2008-2009 plate, budget of around 17,500.
Have seen a few online with approvd used.

Question is what's the best way to finance I have around 8,000 cash depost with a part exchange valued at 2,000. So I am looking at financing the final 7-8,000.

Bank loans can get at approx 6-7 percent. Ideally I don't really need or want to borrow the cash for longer them 12 months.
Is finance through BMW advised or shoudl I stick to the bank loan., I was hoping if I did finance through BMW they may offer a better deal on the car. I don't want to finance the whole amount and keep the money in the bank as the sales assistant tried to explain over the phone as I am in the process of applying for a mortgage/business loan soon and any debt will count against me.

Any ideas ? I have never previously financed a car and am a little out of my depth . Also what's a reasonable amount to barter on a car baring in mind is diesel and popular?...5-10% of advertised or is this pusing it?

Any thoughts .