Yesterday I had 4 tyres fitted at Protyre in Warwick. Excellent service!!

Wasn’t sure which tyres to go for but wanted a mid-high range tyre. The advisor Ray took me through around 5 different brands including prices and even offered to show me the tyre patterns if necessary. They were also comfortable with fitting stretched tyres to the car as well and let me take a look once they’d fitted a front and rear tyre (running staggered set-up).

My one concern was the fitting machine marking the polished lips of the alloys so the fitter took me into the workshop and showed me the machine had plastic holders and the tyre levers had plastic sleeves covering them (please insert your own jokes here ). But did say “never say never”

Tyres were done, no scratches to the lips of the alloys and one happy customer.

Couldn’t fault them at all, apart from when the fitter said “I guess these wheels are going on a VW” Cheeky ba$tard (Hadn’t got the BM with me, just a garlic munching Peugeot)