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    Hi new here, just wanted to post my experience of David Prentice Portadown. I bought a E60 530d 4 years ago and all (expensive) servicing was carried out by this dealer.

    I bought the car in Coventry and despite not needing an oil change I got a oil and filter service carried out, I said to the chap when you have it on the ramp "run your eye over it" and let me know if it needs any work carried out, he said "that will be £100", so I told him not to bother.

    About 1 year later (3 years ago now) I picked up my car after a service, and they "kindly" carried out a full report on my car, they told me I needed new brake disks (I knew I didnt - only 50,000 miles at that stage, and they told me my starter motor was on its way out............its still fine 3 years later)

    Last week I lost my key, and after spending half the day looking for it and missing work I rang to order a replacement, no problem, key would be ready in morning, and I said I would pay when I went to pick it up as my wallet containing my debit card was locked in the car (£138 for the keyfob one).

    "oh" said the voice on the phone, "we need payment now", I was in disbelief, I asked to speak to a manager and told him I had spent over £4,000 last year alone (a new clutch/flywheel, oil service, new handbrake ratchet, coolant & brake fulid change, one rear parking sensor and spare wheel kit after I dropped the horrid runflats to name a few things)

    I paid all my bills in full and on time, and still he refused to assist me...................

    Is this typical of BMW "customer care" in general ? or am I expecting too much.

    Anyway I would have walked sooner than give them a penny and I told them as much, and told them they were not getting another penny off me.

    Very dissapointed that I could be left stranded in such a manner as my car is vital for my work as Im self employed, anyways I went to another dealer in Belfast and got a new key, but as I said very dissapointed.

    I am going for the F10 model this year, and in all honesy I think I will just service it myself as much as I can, this has left a very bitter taste in my mouth.

    Rant over

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    David Prentice are awful and try to suck as much money out of you as possible,

    They also frighten customers into trading in there cars for little money just so there staff can buy them cheap,

    They stupidly told me this and then tried to do it to me a week later,

    If your in the Portadown / Lurgan area being your car to Mardec Motors in Lurgan just behind the Ashburn Hotel in Ulster Street,

    Might not look great but he will get you sorted.

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