Hi all. I hope I put this in the right section as it covers several subjects...

I have finally got hold of my very first Bimmer last may after owning audis for years (booo yeah I know). A lovely 56 plate black sapphire E91 M sport 320D. Low mileage at 56k when we bought it, black everything including the headlining. Lovely car. Nice to drive after my wallowy old A6 avant. Not quite as sharp and ridiculously quick as my old FTO mivec, but I digress..

Anyhow - The beastie started losing a bit of power recently and when I booted it lots of lovely black smoke came pouring out the back. Turbo huh? Also felt a bit rough when trying to accelerate in a higher gear - like it was straining and vibrating a little. So not having played with BMs before (lots of experience tearing apart MGs, range rovers, ftos, audis, vauxhalls, 737's, jetstreams...) I thought I'd give it to someone who knew better so off to the local independent specialist it went as I'm not going near the stealers.

I get a phone call part way through the day with a bit of info I was NOT expecting... "Mr Morris, we've had a good look at the problem and it appears you don't have the engine your car was built with". Deadpan shock. "pardon?!?". "Yes, it has a replacement engine in it and it looks quite rusty, like it's been standing around in a scrap yard for some time before being fitted. It even has tippex writing all over it with the car type on it. So does the inlet manifold, which BTW, still contains the swirl flaps. Oh and your turbo is goosed and producing very little pressure and is taking an age to spool up". Technical term "goosed", I understand. They got the "new" engine number but couldn't absolutely identify it as an M47TU D20 which I assume this car should have?

Now having bought this from another BMW / merc "specialist" and paid full money for this, I'm quite rightly rather miffed I've been sold an utter lemon and after I specifically asked whilst test driving it "has the engine had any swirl flap/other problems?" So now we are looking at options, hence why I posted on this part of the forum. Do we go for having the engine reconned? (not knowing if it is the right one in the first place), go for a "supply and fit" donor car type scenario - but only if I can verify by paper trail it's the right one/right mileage/right condition? Is there a third option? I'm thinking of sending the turbo off to turbo technics who say they can test it (with written report) and then refurb it with a 12 month warranty for £310.

So ultimately I suppose it comes down to who we can get another engine off. Any recommendations? Offers of condolence? It took 4 audis before I got a lemon. With BMW it took one. Ouch and also help? Any ideas?

BTW great forum. Very informative