Hi all,
Iv been on these forums for a few weeks now, taken in everything people have advised and FINALLY found the problem with my car!
Anyway problems have made the car terrible to say the least, but today it had completely fluffed. car rocks all over the place just from starting, wont let me get no power pulling off, only stops shaking over about 4000rpm.
I found the 2 mains culprits were injector no2 and an egr valve. iv bought these along with a injector wiring loom as the last guy to have it had somehow runined it all.
anyway my mechanics gone on holiday, iv found one guy that quoted me a said price, but also said 'iv never really done injectors before' so im not really that enthusiastic about using him, just the price was quiete low.
Im in the GU9 area, preferably looking for a mobile mechanic?? does anyone know anyone?? iv also bought the swirl flap blanks which could be done at same time i suppose
If anyone can reccomend anyone i would be so appreciative