Hi. I am trying to fix a few things on my car before selling it.
I have owned my 320D convertible for over 2 years now and ever since I bought it, the passenger seat has not been able to raise up and down at the back of the seat (not front where the thigh extender is).

I am trying to find the part for this so I can get it back to working, so I can sell the motor with another thing working, so was wondering what the correct motor was which moves that part.

I have searched on Ebay and I am wondering, is this the part I need?

BMW E46 Coupe - Electrical Adjuster Motor for Passenger N/S Left Seat 1-1373-01 | eBay

When you go to raise or lower the seat, all you get is a noise which is horrible, and sound like the motor is not working at all.

Any help on this, and any recommended wheel refurb places/mobile in South London, would be great.