Ive a 528i which smells of burnt oil in the cabin when car is warm and stops at a junction/lights. Ive been told this is most likely rocker cover gasket. I clean all around that I can see fresh oil around the bolts so guess that's the issue. Also car has sluggish performance a low revs and gradual foot on pedal has slow pick-up, kick-down and it's off like a rocket. It also suffers from a cold start idle the occasional drop in revs to a point of stall the instant pick-up. I've read this could be a Vanos Seal issue and the low rev power a faulty MAF sensor.

I have been quoted by my local BMW dealer at £160 for rocker cover, £199 for Vanos seals and a recommended diagnostic of 1/2 hours on machine at £70 per hour. Does this seem reasonable? Would the diagnostic hook-up show if either the Vanos seals were goosed or the MAF sensor was faulty?

Thanks for your help, I'd prefer the car to go into a BMW dealer but with the car being 12 years old I don't wont to spend more than the cars worth!

Thanks for any advice you can give a newbie bimmer owner.