just brought a bmw 635d from this garage and the aftersales is the worse i have ever meet.

I moved from a extremely reputable Lexus to a BMW for the first time, and i am currently facing the worse aftersales ever.

After selling the car to you, the office does not really want tos ee you again about helping you or advising you on issues - they only want to see you if you want to buy a car from them.

I had issues with my wipers not park down properly and after a long frustrating wait for a salesman to come back to me, i had a gentleman called Guy Barclay assisting me. He was all smily just like all sales people i know. He took my car into the garage and checked it out, find the parking motor for the wipers were not working.

He tells me that the motors gone and that the part is being ordered from germany.

After couple of weeks i call in to chase, as expected, i had no hope of getting a conversation with this guy again, no call back leaving phone number, then a tried the service centre and explained the situation, they tell me that i have to deal with these things and initaite it from the main office.

Soon afterwards, after begging someone to help, they were willing to check, and to my surprise, the part was not even ordered, and that Guy Barclay saleman just gave me some BS and got rid of me, hoping he wont see me again.


I now had the car for 4weeks now and getting a rattly steering wheel, headlight washers not working, cigarette lighter has no electricity and wipers that dont park properly , the velour car mats missing (apparent they reckon all BMW dont come with foor mats any more), was told that 4 new rubbers were put onto car, and when i checked properly, they were cracked and i believe to be old tyres.

I extremely regret getting my car from Hexagon BMW, because i could had brought a better spec car at a better car or similar from another BMW garage. I should had did my homework.

Maybe i was spoilt by Lexus's aftersales, but this type of sales i find it difficult to swallow, as i am a salesman too, and if my employees have this attitude, i would sack them immediately.

Anyway, to all the bimmer friends, i strong suggest that if you consider buying a car at BMW Hexagon, then check the car first and make sure thats its okay before you agree.

I didnt check it properly as buying from a BMW dealer, everything should be kosher and satisfied customers, but i am not one of thoses!!!!!