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Looks like the glow tube section of the glowplug is still stuck in the head, another member had this happen to him and he rescrewed the mating part of
the glowplug back and it somehow worked the glow tube free and it unscrewed out with the rest of the plug!You could try it as you've nothing to loose?

Or you need someone to do this ........ .
Unfortunataly that tool will not be able to do much for the M57 engine. The outer side of the glow plugs has been removed in this case and only the center is in place. Drilling will just break to glow plug in 2. The tool should be something that will go on the outer side of the glow plug and put pressure toward the inside.

I have been told that the best thing is to remove them every 50,000 miles as is also possible to see it on Beru website. I did not know this before as i was expecting the DDE light to be lit or the engine not been able to start. Last winter was -10C and i did not have a single problem starting it.

The removal of the head would be another option but don't think is worth for a car of such age and mileage.