I had brilliant service from this garage, we were on holiday in the Eastbourne area with our caravan a couple of weeks ago. I knew I had a fault on one of the rear indicator lights on my 59 320d Touring , it had shown its self on the sat nav as rear light fault while we were away on Dartmoor the previous month , on that occasion I went to Westerley ,Exeter and complete with BMW warranty only to be told my light would not be covered as bulbs are not covered by warranty, I pointed out that my rear lights are led ,to which they replied a led is a bulb (I thought led stands for light emitting diode ) , about a couple of weeks later I went to Westerly (formally Tice ) in Dorchester only to be given the same answer, I had read on a couple of forums that this is a known fault and BMW had changed rear lights on this model as a technical upgrade, Westerly knew nothing of this .
Anyway on our journey to Sussex I got completely fed with, Bong ,faulty off side indicator coming up on the satnav so this is where Chandlers came in , On the Monday I called in and saw their very helpful Service Advisor , Katie Adrain, she made an appointment for the next day , gave us a coffee and as we had the dog with us pointed us in the direction of a park opposite with a lake whilst the technician checked the car over, after about an hour Katie came over to the waiting area and said as it was a known fault the would change both rear lights free of charge as it was a changed part number , the car was booked in for the following Thursday ,the lights changed and the car valeted inside and out , as I said brilliant service, my car is due a service in 3000 miles which should be about September and as we will be near Eastbourne again for a week I know which garage will get the work and their name doesn't begin with W