Hi to all, Im new to this site.
Just like to inform users on this site to Avoid Car Engines Ltd in Southal Midddlesex at all costs as I do not want anyone getting ripped off as I have. ( Why I used them I dont know).

Initially they quoted me to completely recon my engine for £1850 , Thinking they were resonable and they had an ok website claiming to be in the area and doing this type of work for the last 30 years I stupidly gave my car to them .

This unscrupulous company removed my BMW engine and started to increase the price as the days went on to £2,700 as they said they needed to replace the Timing chain guides etc. ( not once did they tell me this was not covered as Im no expert ) then the company told me that the cam shaft needed replacing the Turbo and the breather ( I phoned up BMW and they said it was very unlikely the camshaft needed replacing and when informed the woman in Car Engines Ltd she said 'Oh Iwas only stating what I had been told my mechanic and we can put the same one back in'!

I told the woman who I thought was the receptionist but have found out to be the secretary/Director of Car Engines Ltd not to do any work on the car- She stated that I owed them £650 for removing the engine from the car ( which I had not authorised her to do) and that the car would not be allowed to leave the garage until I paid up.

This situation is just a nightmare and now that Ive been asking people about this shady company they have told me that they are really a 'bunch of theives' , they remove the engines on cars and then they demand money for the unnecassary work they carry out.
The company have got me in a corner at the moment as I need the car urgently - I will be going to Trading Standards as I feel this company needs to be reigned in by them ...Really have wasted a lot of money and timem I am shocked at what these so called garages get away with- PLease be wary when taking cars to garages like this who completely rip peple off and have no conscience or decency.