My car has coughed now and then and was lacking power, thought it was dirty fuel. Gave the car some good stuff and took him for a blow out on the motorway.. All seemed well ran like a dream until the next day. Coughed again and found myself muting the stereo and Reving to hear anything like turbo noise. Nothing. Then tonight driving round put my foot on the brake pedal and it was solid. No servo. When popping the bonnet the problem was clear. A pipe had come off ( don't know what it was for) and was against the plastic pipe for the servo and had melted a hole through. A temporary repair fixed it pipe out back on car running sweet with brakes. 10 miles later pipe melted through and no brakes again. Can any body help me. What is the pipe that looks like it coming from the exhaust and should it had a clip on the hold it on. Please help