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    hi all (apologies may have put this in wrong forum!!)
    here goes!!!...... have fully speced up x3 and it has electric fold in/ out mirrors which from internal button in car or fob. Other day drivers side wouldnt open... when I opened it manually and put it in the correct position, it was slack and not 'clicked' in.... on trying to ajust mirror.. the switch worked then the mirror just went all the way down and motor carried on spinning.... after a long while this stopped... found out out later it would do this everytime i adjusted mirror. my passenger one works fine.. spot on. Spoke to BMW and mentioned it to them and they have said that it could just need reprogramming and possibly lost its memory??

    Anyway my local garage luckely had a tech guy round with latest diagnosis equipment and was willing to hook my car up for free. I did this and sure enough it shows fault with drivers mirror... it also showed fault with rear window cutoffs... I believe windows should have safety cutoff if something placed to hinder closure... but this was showing as fault. Anyway the guy just deemed that motor may have gone etc buti was unconvinced by him as he is not BMW expert and just read out what faults were on the display... and assumed mirror had taken a bash.... shouldnt have been pulled out manually etc etc and really was waste of my time.. but hey it didnt cost me anything.

    Anyway BMW in Watford cant do anything for 2 weeks and I am trying to find someone who could probably check this out... locally... There is a firm in Stevenage and have confirmed diagnostic would be about £40 and if this shows there is a reprogramming issue.. this can be done for £90 ( i think that is the price the huy said) Besides the cost of replacing a mirror the problem is sourcing one other than from BMW itself and guessing it would be over £300... any advice/ pointers would be great. P.S I have rea even though these are lectric folding, they are designed to also operated manually so no damage can be done from this.
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