Following a minor scrape I had to have the rear wheelarch and back of the sideskirt repaired on my 2007 (07) 325D M Sport Touring. The garage have failed to re-align the back of the skirt with the bodywork/front of wheel arch above. They then had the gaul to say the otherside was the same and it was meant to be like that. I knew it wasn't having taken photos just before I dropped it off with them (suggest always taking pics before having work done!). Lo and behold the other trim was out of line and they must have pulled it out to match the damaged one that they couldn't get back! When I showed them the photo evidence they couldn't really deny it..... Anyway, clearly the clips need fixing or changing or something? Does anyone know exactly how to remove the skirt without damaging it and in what order things should be done? How many clips etc etc. I've seen one guide to skirt removal that looks similar to mine but it isn't the same....

Any help or advice appreciated.