Thanks, the car is in perfect condition, it took me 3 months to find it, because I already had a perfectly working car I held out until I found the best one out there, low mileage aswell just hit 40K!

I dont think I'll do the gloss sealent, its just too much work! But now that I've corrected my technique in waxing the car (thanks to all the help i've got here on this forum) I look foward to waxing the car again!

Its a shame those photos I've taken don't show it well but I tell ya the car looks so shiny! I guess Silver doesnt show it well does it!

Oh by the way I just installed some really bright LED (8 in each bulb) number plate bulbs and they make the rear end look so amazing at night, especially because my car is silver the bright light shines off the paintwork really nice! I previously had 6 LED bulbs but wasnt satisfied with the light output! It cost less than £8 for two from fleabay (8 LED festoon bulbs)!