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    morning peeps,
    a bit of good news - not really much around these days !
    my E39 is in ice green metallic, looks good and I try my best to keep it that way.
    the other day I noticed that all over the bonnet and down one side it had been invaded by flecks of black or dark blue overspray.
    not best pleased.......
    so I spent a while searching the internet for info.
    the most highly recommended was Meguiars Clay used with Meguiars Quik Detailer. So I bought some . And cheap it aint. I read the instructions carefully. Then I scrubbed up and went into the ER room to proceed with surgery. Really nervous,dripping with sweat. But my nursinge assistant,Tess Daly, was leaning over the other side of the bonnet in her very low cut nurses outfit gently dabbing my brow ( ok ok that bit's bullchit ) and the whole thing was p easy !
    Small amount of spray, gently rub with clay then buff up with microfibre.
    (the car,stupid, not Tess Daly)
    And the results really were effing unbelievable if anything, Better than New !! I will swear by this stuff - sure it's expensive but I think it's worth every single penny - and there aint much of that around nowadays......
    Sorry if this is a repeat post but I felt honour bound to share this experience. No, not the Tess Daly bit. The Meguiars bit. But having said that,there are some more stains on the bonnet that will need removing ....

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    Thank you very much!!

    I need to use it on the bonnet on my 530. Lets put it this way, some idiot sprayed paint all over the car while painting a fence!!!

    BMW 840ci

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