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    In conjunction with the Saturdays Autobrite Fun Detailing Meet event Defined Details and Bespoke Carcare in conjunction with Autobrite Direct will hold a beginners machine polish class on Sunday the 31sh July @ 10AM.

    This will follow the same beginners format as previous classes held in the Midlands, at Autobrite HQ. Due to the popularity of these classes in the past and the size of the reserve list. We would ask members that wish to attend this date to post up an interest to get their names added to the list.

    But unfortunately due again to sudden call off in the past and considering that other members lost out even thou they were in reserve. We have had no choice but to ask for the payment £65 to be paid in full 5 days prior to this date. If payment is not received within the allocated time your space may be offered up to people on the reserved list. A PM will be sent to all interested parties so again please make sure you can send and receive PMs through the forum.

    If you find yourself having to pull out of the above day. Then dependant on circumstance and time prior to the event a refund may be given. But it is at the discretion of all concerned.

    The following exert taken from previous classes.

    Following popular request, we are delighted to announce that this year we will be teaming up with Mark at Autobrite Direct again to offer our Machine Polishing classes in the Midlands! The classes will take place at Autobrite’s unit in Stoke-On-Trent, full directions to which would be PMd to you in advance of the class after signing up. We are really excited to be able to offer classes in conjunction with Autobrite who will be on hand throughout the days as well to offer advice on products you may be interested in.

    The classes will simply be divided into Beginners and Advanced. Both machines will be covered on the day – you will spend the majority of the day working on the machine of your choice and then have the opportunity to spend some time on the other type of machine as well, giving you experience of both! Full details of the class contents are given below

    The classes this year will cost £65 per head. We realise this is a little more than for our equivalent Scotland days, the difference in price is to account for our additional expenses for running the classes. We hope that folks will understand this Payment can be made on the day by cash.

    The classes will start at 10am and will finish in the late afternoon / early evening: we wont put an exact time on finishing as we aim for a relaxed an enjoyable day where we can spend as much time going over things as is required. Full details of locations, times, and the all important lunch arrangements will be PMd to you in advance of the class after signing up.

    To sign up for a class, simply post up below your name and the class you would like to attend and I will add your name to the reserve list. Once payment is received you will be forwarded on to the main list and your place on the day confirmed. Please note that places on the main list are added on a first come, first served basis as far as payments go. So please be aware of this to save disappointments. We are limiting the classes to a maximum of 10 as we have a bit more space in the Autobrite unit and it will divide you neatly into teams of 2 for part of our plans . You can choose from the following classes:
    __________________________________________________ ______
    Dave Kg will be on hand for this class and knowing Dave as I do will be offering up information and carrying out informative demos also. But due to his teacher training starting in August. He cannot commit to any future classes at the moment in time, or at least until he receives his new time table.

    Sunday the 31st of July. Beginners class Both Da & Rotary.

    Reserve list.

    RED Payment still due
    Blue Paid in Full

    Machine Polishing Beginners Class

    Building on the success of these classes over the last 3 years We are once again proud to offer up place to all members on Dw and other forums. Since the early day of 2009. These classes have grown and changed with the ever changing market. We aim to stay one step ahead of the game. So the members can benefit from different techniques and ways to get the best out of the day.

    This class is designed to introduce you to machine polishing, both by DA and rotary (with a focus on the machine of your choice), starting from the basics. No prior knowledge is assumed! The class covers the basics of paint correction in theory, then machine control in practice, paint assessment, choosing pads and polishes, paint correction, refining and final assessment, introduction to severe correction (compounding), filling, paintwork protection. The aim is to introduce you to the skills and techniques required to produce finishes like these, achieved by a class in 2009!

    The class is ideal if you are new to machine polishing and looking to get into it and learn the basic skills needed to make your car’s paintwork look its best. If you are contemplating machine polishing and wondering what benefits it can have for your car this class will show you what can be achieved. Plus you will get the opportunity to try out several different machines (Kestral DAS-6, DAS – 6 Pro, Meguiars G220, Makita 9227CB, Festool RAP-150, Festool RAP-80, Flex 3401, 3M Rotary & possibly the new G220 V2), pads and polishes so if you have not yet bought your machine polishing kit, try out the machines and products and see what work for you best before you invest! Some changes have been made over the 2009 classes but if you have already attended either a DA or rotary day in 2009 a lot of the Beginners class will be a repeat, so consider the advanced one instead!

    The outline of the day:

    1 – Paintwork Correction: Introduction

    A introduction to paintwork correction in theory. This part of the class will be a talk about paint systems, and what kind of defects you may come across and how they can be corrected. It is the introduction to the day to give you a basic understanding of what is going on when you pick up a polisher! We will talk about how different polishes break down and what the general ideas of machine polishing are.

    2 – Machine Control

    Before looking at paint correction in practice the first practical part of the day focussed on handling a machine polisher. This is very important to getting you used to handling the polisher (DA and rotary) on a typical car – and that includes the more difficult panels as well! Demonstrations of how to comfortably hold and control and machine polisher and plenty of opportunity to practice and get used to the machines will be given.

    3 – Working a Polish

    Once happy with controlling the machine polisher, this part of the day looks at the working techniques for polishes – how big an area to work, how long to work for, pressures, movement paces and how they all affect the working of a typical polish. The basics will be covered at this stage to give you a solid grounding in how polishes work and how to get the best from them.

    4 – Paint Assessment

    On this part of the day we will look at how to assess the condition of the paintwork on a car. The paint defects discussed at the start of the day will be seen (and created!) in practice! We will look at using different lighting to see different types of defect. Having assessed the paint condition we will then look at how to assess the paint thickness and how to get the best from a paint thickness gauge.

    5 – Choosing Pads & Polishes

    Confident with the machine polisher. Confident with how to assess the paintwork condition. Now its time to choose what pads and polish will work best. Here we look at how we choose the best polish and pad combination for achieving the results we’re after. We also look at how to measure paint removal rates, what level of correction is deemed safer and what happens when we go too far!

    5 – Paint Correction

    Down to the nitty gritty! Having chosen a pad and polish combination that works and looked at how to get to that combo, we now spend some time practising the techniques and achieving paint correction. Focus on different areas of a car to get further practice in machine control and working typical polishes.

    6 – Refining & Final Assessment

    On this part of the day we look at techniques that are used to get the best out of the finish once the correction has taken place and how to assess the quality of the work. Refining and burnishng techniques with finishing polishes will be covered. We’ll also look at the importance of the IPA wipedown, and how to use lights to really highlight the quality of a finish (and how certain lights can mask defects such as holograms).

    7 – Severe Correction

    Here we look at an introduction to more advanced techniques that can be used for correction of more severe marks – looking at the Slow Cutting technique by DA, aggressive compounding by rotary, and wet sanding. This is just an introduction to the techniques and is designed as a precursor to the Advanced Class which covers the techniques in more detail.

    8 – Filling & Cleansing

    Its not all about correction with abrasive polishes! Sometimes you just want to cleanse the paintwork, sometimes its not possible to use an abrasive polish because of thin paint. Here we look at how to get the best out of paint cleansers with your machine polisher and techniques that can be used to achieve correction without using abrasives.

    9 – Paintwork Protection

    We round the training part of the day off with examples of how to protect your hard work. Several products will be available for trial on the day so you can compare for yourself different LSPs and see what differences you see (if any ). We talk about possible machine application of waxes and sealants and the necessary prep-work required before applying your LSP.

    10 – Putting It Into Practice: “Competition”

    The day will be rounded off with an opportunity to put everything you have learned and practiced to the test in a fun competition (which is opt-out if you don’t want to take part, but where’s the fun in that?!). A region of the car will be damaged with swirls. You will have to assess the paint finish, measure its thicknesses, and correct the paint to a level you feel happy with safely. We are not looking for full correction, we will be looking for the best results in the safest way to the long term life of the paint. So you’ll have to assess the paint and justify your choices. And of course, produce the finish! Its all for fun, but also serves to put into practice everything you’ve learned on the day. Gordon and Lee will watch, but not help at this stage – you’ll be on your own.

    The competition replaces the open ended workshop part of the day that was part of the 2009 training days. However if you would like to specifically address an issue on your car’s paintwork or want to see what polishes will work on your specific car then PM either myself of Gordon and we will arrange a slot at the end of the training day for you to bring your car into the unit and spend a little time trialling products. This will be on a first come first served basis, so if you want in first so you can leave earlier (not that you’d want to leave us, surely! ) then get your request in first!

    Here are some photos from last years classes too. As you can see a superb day of tuition with a great bunch of people. If you are after to better your skills on the Polishing and improve your technique with a Polishing Machine this is a great opportunity to get the best advice from the professionals.

    Thanks for looking!

    Regards Mark

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    These type of workshops are a really good idea! I'm sure you won't have any shortage of takers
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    Sorry that I have to work that weekend Mark, I would love to attend.... Perhaps next time.

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    great idea shoudnt take long to fill the spaces.think ill just be booking mine in next spring with yourselfs.

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