Just found this information regarding Window Tint laws and was pleasantly surprised!


Thread: Just found this information regarding Window Tint laws and was pleasantly surprised!

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  1. Just found this information regarding Window Tint laws and was pleasantly surprised! 
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    This section briefly explains the law on window tinting.
    The law clearly states that all vehicles must allow 75% light through the front windscreen. The driver and passenger side front windows must allow 70 % light through. After the drivers seat you can have anything as with a van.

    What most people don't realize is that almost all modern cars with a slight green tint measure 64%, so they are technically illegal on the day they were sold. Clear glass, 4mm or less will read 71-73%. Virtually no cars these days have clear glass, such is the intelligence of this goverment, but hey, you knew that!

    To counter this obvious ****-up, there is an amendment that states any glass measuring less than 70% but above 45% will be allowable with an advisory notice. Otherwise we could all sue the car dealers for selling illegal cars.
    More important is the 30% limit. Any glass reading 30% or above can be issued with a fixed rectification notice giving you 10 days to have the film removed.

    30% or darker is classed as dangerous and can be subjected to the vehicle being impounded and removed if not rectified on the spot! It is stupid and pointless to have front glass darker than 30%. You cannot see out of it at night and the mirrors are impossible to use, spoiling the drive of your car. Anyone asking me for dark film on front windows are told to "do one".

    I have applied films to the front side glass and achieved readings of 47% so it is possible to legally-ish tint the front glass. Obviously these shades are very light but still give you 99% UV rejection and glass splinter protection.

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    Another small detail . If you are driving with your tinted front window down they cannot charge you with it . And can only charge you if they see you driving with them up .
    Example . My 306 had limo tints all round , except front screen obviously . On cruise night , we would all jump up the park but id drive with my windows down as they have section where they pull the cars into and make them pull their tints of there and then or have a prohibition order slapped on you .


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